We in the Hip-Hop community have such a tenuous, conditional relationship with the Grammy Awards and the voters that select the nominations don’t we? Each year like clockwork, the nominations come out and we are alternately mad or overjoyed at perceived slights or meaningful nods. On the one hand we point to those slights as evidence that the voters don’t know shit about Rap music and shouldn’t even bother, and on the other we rejoice on those rare occaisons that they actually get shit right.

This year is no different. Kendrick Lamar leads all nominees with 11 nominations in categories such as Album of The Year, Song of The Year, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. How he managed to sway the Academy with such an unapologetically dense, revolutionary and all-around Black album as To Pimp A Butterfly is beyond me, but damn if he doe” – Nah Right

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