Maini Sorri is a Swedish Finnish singer, musician and songwriter living in Sweden. She has composed music since Maini___Magneto_Dayo__Blue_Song_cd_artworkshe was 8 years old. Maini has performed her own songs in concerts and on radio and TV. Her songs are beautiful and melodious.
Dashawn Dayo Williams, better known by his stage name Magneto Dayo is a rapper from Brooklyn. He has written songs for some of today’s top artist in rap/hiphop and r&b and now plans to step from behind the scenes and show his talent. The new pop single Blue song is Maini & Magneto Dayo’s first collaboration. Blue Song has now been 5 weeks in a row on three National Airplay Tops Charts in USA. Maini & Magneto Dayo – Blue song video rolls on more than 100 TV stations in USA.
Music is written by Maini Sorri and lyrics by Gary Cornman, USA and Magneto Dayo. Video director is Johan Zetterlund, Sweden. Label Reya music, Sweden.

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