Maximus Volume Releases New Single – Heavy Feat. King Terry III

I’ve been focusing on a lot of other things lately but I’ve wanted to release this for a while. I played a demo of it at my friends graduation party and I got the best reaction an artist could ask for. I then put my boy King Terry on the record and the rest gives you this. I had no idea what I was doing when I made this record I just know I had a great time making it.

It’s been a while since anything was put out. I had a few good and bad things come my way. Such is life but nonetheless when I make music I do it for me and the joy it brings me. How people take the music has never been my concern because that is something that is out of my control. I plan on releasing my lastest EP later this year. I put my friend since middle school @KingTerryIII on the record with me and we liked the outcome. Follow me on twitter for more music @onemaxv and also check out my soundcloud link at, appreciate all the support. Thank you for rockin with me.

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