Click Here to listen to “Tell Em” by Flaco & Konnekt

The power of two, indeed. Brooklyn-based solo hip-hop artists Flaco and Konnekt recognized that their combined talents might conjure a connection that superseded their individual missions. The pair’s debut full-length project is previewed by the title track “Tell Em,” a tribal anthem that is wickedly dark and yet equally inspiring, with accompanying rapid-fire raps from both Flaco and Konnekt. Indeed, it’s the collision of dissonant worlds that somehow finds a united front as each fires up with blow-torch intensity—bringing together the couple’s chance meeting. Southern-bred female poet & lyricist Konnekt moved to New York in 2012 to establish herself as a hip-hop artist, and met Flaco, a hip-hop producer and lyricist born in Honduras and raised in Brooklyn. Their mutual joint is now pure fate.
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