Kold Creature was formed in 2012 by Chris Ross (Guitarist/Vocalist), Brendan Palmer(Drummer), Lyndon Bauer (Guitarist) and Patrick (Basissist). The band is based out of Brisbane, Australia and brings us a great rock sound. As you take a listen to their latest solo project, “Harder Times”, you are sure to be impressed as the band delivers awesome riffs with a very heavy groove. The band really rocks and incorporates various elements from a span of different eras including the classic rock era and even today’s sound. The release featured vocalist Chris Ross really delivering a powerful vocal performance with very strong harmonies. It’s definitely worth a listen. Leave a comment below and let Chris and the band know what you think. To follow the band on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoldCreature. To like the band on Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Pulpitation-Studios/591153527634541?ref_type=bookmark

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