Unsung is a collective of driven individuals dedicated to making great timeless music for people to enjoy. Unsung means quality substantial art and cool vibes. Our goal is to push Unsung to the forefront of your mind. We want to do more than just make words rhyme or drums knock we want to impact our surroundings. We just love Art. We recently released our first group EP entitled #BucketBoys.

Unsung is made up of 6 people:
EZ Gustow: rapper& singer.
Nomad: rapper & producer.
EricBarry: producer & audio Engineer,
DJ Six9: audio engineer producer & DJ.
Essence: Singer
T.Brown: photographer

Click Below to Check Out the Group’s EP #BucketBoys. The EP has a very unique sound is definitely worth a listen. Real hip hop lives and behind some great samples and production from EricBarry and DJ Six9, EZ Gustow and Normad are really able to shine lyrically. The concepts are all very well developed and the diversity seen in the tracks is amazing. My favorite tracks on the project are The Drive and Studio 201.

Make sure you follow Unsung around the web:

Twitter: @UnsungCollectiv
Tumblr: UnsungCollectiv
IG: @UnsungCollectiv

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