Tranquility by Connecticut based rapper Mally can best be described as a blend of deep thoughts and crazy sounds. Mally’s beat selection is impeccable and his penchant for choosing different, yet dope beats truly shines from the beginning of the project as Mally takes over the enchanting “Fairytales” track and delivers real, conversational rap. Tropical Party sees Ammar Hamed and Mally deliver a jam perfect for the summer with dope island vibes. Songs like “Sinister” and “Evil Greetings (feat. Offset) show a different side to Mally that allows Mally to deliver gritty realism straight from the depths of his mind. The darker tracks on the project allow Mally to paint a dark ambiance while still providing interesting, quirky thoughts. Towards the end of the project, Mally brings a more mellow, chill sound that really fits well with the overall feel in which Tranquility serves to provide. Peace and Imagination Land take listeners to brighter areas and the creativity is clearly evident all the way to the closing track Reality which actually happens to be my favorite track on the project. The guitar laden beat provides Mally with a smooth, island vibe with a dash of soul. Mally’s lyrical deliver on the track is A+ and Mally delivers an enchanting track. Head over to to find out more about Mally and make sure you follow Mally on Twitter @MallyRaps.

Strengths: Original sounds, gritty realism, real thoughts and fresh beats

Verdict: Certified Fresh

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