Granddad Woolly is a 26 year old Northwest, Indiana underground emcee currently in Atlanta, GA, USA “The Vanilla Tape” serves as a self reflection through music dealing with all of the obstacles and achievements that have been thrown his way up to now. The production is done solely by UK producer Vanilla and is to date the most musically and soul inspired Granddad Woolly project to date.

Granddad Woolly’s The Vanilla Tape is a deep culmination of real thoughts, real hip hop and dope vibes. The smooth “Just A Conversation with Myself” serves as the perfect backdrop for the project as Granddad Wooly opens up with the smoothly produced banger delivering meaningful bars. Woolly wastes no time delivering the listener real hip hop reminiscent of the golden age of hip hop. The dope Good Time is one of my favorite records on the record, the amazingly chopped sample serves as the perfect assist to Granddad Woolly’s penchant for spitting realness. As you move further into the tape, you will notice that there are a few instrumentals on the project and these help the listener to realize that The Vanilla Tape is not an album or a mixtape but more a 30 minute original music presentation. Producer Vanilla really shines from front to back but tracks where he really shines to me are the Love Trilogy and Last Call. UFC/Change It Up provides a fresh change from the rest of the tape as it sees Woolly really turn up the flow and take it t another zone over vibes by Vanilla. Follow @GranddadWoolly on Twitter for Updates!


Strengths: Bars, Smooth Tracks, Unique Vibes

Verdict: Must Download