Prosodi J is an extremely talented British born composer, producer and beatmaker currently residing in California. His sound has been influenced for many years by J.Dilla, Jazztronik, Uyama Hiroto and the Nujabes. His influences impact is definitely felt while listening to the smooth styling of Prosodi J. The useage of the sample in combination of many of the elements seen in a number of today’s popular genres such as edm, trap, hip hop and more. Take a look at this preview for his latest offering S O L M V RK below:

There’s one word that can be used to describe Prosodi J’s sound. That word is innovative. Heres my personal favorite release from the beatmaker, Orcarina x Trap. The strings are other wordly and the drums are crispy.

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Check out more of Prosodi J on his Official Site and follow @ProsodiJ on Twitter.


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